Sea of Okhotsk

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Noun1.Sea of Okhotsk - an arm of the Pacific to the east of Asia
Pacific, Pacific Ocean - the largest ocean in the world
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The research programme includes constant monitoring and a comparative study of the ice behaviour on the field test sites located in the Arctic and in the waters of the Okhotsk Sea. The obtained data will help to clarify the ice loads on the structures located on the continental shelf of freezing seas for efficient and safe hydrocarbon production.
It has been suggested that greater anthropogenic warming in the Far East land area than the surrounding ocean intensifies the anticyclonic circulation throughout the troposphere over eastern Siberia and the Okhotsk Sea (Kimoto 2005; Arai and Kimoto 2008; Kamae et al.
Gazprom has recently discovered a new gas condensate field in the Sakhalin-3 licence area (Okhotsk Sea), a new structure called South Lunskaya.
Four estimates made showed that oil and gas reserves of Koryakia-1, on the north-eastern part of the Okhotsk Sea, may amount to about 1.5-2bn tons of oil equivalent.
Frink, who is related to Nathaniel Ransom, recounts Ransom's four whaling voyages from 1860 to 1875 as a seaman, harpooner, and third mate on the Barnstable, Sea Breeze, Navy, John Wells, and Illinois, which traveled to the Cape of Good Hope, India Ocean, Tasman Sea, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Okhotsk Sea, Bering Sea, Beaufort Sea, and Chukchi Sea.
Dozens Dead as Russian Trawler Sinks in Okhotsk Sea
camchaticus has been recorded from the western Bering Sea from Cape Navarin to the Commander Islands, and the Pacific Ocean off southeastern Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands to the coast of Hokkaido in the Okhotsk Sea. Our record from the western Aleutian Islands is the 1st confirmed from Alaskan waters.
An unusual egg-brooding behavior of an oceanic squid in the Okhotsk Sea. Venus 54: 237-239.
its crew, as 14 others were rescued in the Far Eastern Okhotsk Sea, said
The company received the contract for Plexus' proprietary mudline suspension equipment for oil and gas exploration drilling activities for one well offshore West Kamchatka in the Okhotsk Sea, Russia.
The weather on the Okhotsk Sea is currently favourable, but could change at any moment, and officials are not willing to make a prediction on how long the rescue effort may take.