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or O•lav

(ˈoʊ lɑf, ˈoʊ ləf)

1. Olaf (or Olav) I (Olaf Tryggvason), A.D. 969–1000, king of Norway 995–1000.
2. Olaf (or Olav) II, Saint (Olaf Haraldsson), A.D. 995–1030, king of Norway 1016–29: patron saint of Norway.
3. Olaf V, Olav V.
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Olaf Henderson and French Louis, partners together on Bone Creek, were the two largest men in the country, and though they were but half a head taller than the newcomer, between them he was dwarfed completely.
"Hello, Olaf, you're my meat, savvee that," said the one called Daylight.
"An' he is der boy to do it, eh, Louis?" said Olaf Henderson.
"Dot iss goot," Olaf Henderson muttered, regarding the gambler with profound admiration.
After a couple of weeks of it, Olaf, a squarehead sailor, got an idea.
The boat was there all right, grounded by the prevailing breeze, but there was no Olaf. He would never have to eat coconut again.
My favourite bit was when Olaf ate the warm fruit cake and it "went right through" him - that's what happens when you are made of snow.
Directed by Emmy-winning filmmakers Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers-Skelton and produced by Oscar winner Roy Conli with original songs by Elyssa Samsel and Kate Anderson, Olaf's Frozen Adventure will only be in cinemas on Saturday and Sunday, November 25 and 26.
The findings are included in an official letter of Petra Kneuer, director of investigations of OLAF, to the executive director of SE-RAW, Dilyan Petrov, in which OLAF informs that the probe at SE-RAW has been terminated.
During the two-hour long interrogation, Kessler explained himself regarding the recording of a telephone conversation: the Secretary-General of ESTOC, Inge Delfosse, recorded a telephone conversation with Maltese businessman Silvio Zammit, the transcript of which was used in OLAF's report.
Roedd y weithred yn her uniongyrchol i'r holl drefn wleidyddol a sefydlwyd yng Nghymru gan Edward I ar 61 marwolaeth Llywelyn ein Llyw Olaf yn 1282.