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A narrow island of southeast Sweden in the Baltic Sea. It is a summer resort with an important fishing fleet. There are numerous Stone Age monuments on the island.


(Swedish ˈøːland)
(Placename) an island in the Baltic Sea, separated from the mainland of SE Sweden by Kalmar Sound: the second largest Swedish island. Chief town: Borgholm. Pop: 24 628 (2004 est). Area: 1347 sq km (520 sq miles)



an island of Sweden, off the SE coast, in the Baltic. 519 sq. mi. (1345 sq. km).
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Crossing the huge bridge to Oland, we continued north to a campsite at Boda Sand (bodasand.
The most important fossils for these studies are the very abundant and well-preserved specimens from the Tremadocian of Oland Island (Fig.
According to France Press , plans are being made to organize an international conference in France to work on a "final" diplomatic push to overcome the impasse between Israelis and Palestinians, said French President Francois Oland.
This system has been developed under different names (DEMON CANON OLAND SNAP and SNAD) to carry out simultaneous aerobic anaerobic ammonium oxidizing and denitrification reactions in the same reactor.
However, the US plane aACAo a four-engine Boeing with sensitive receivers for detecting radar signals and other electronic emissions aACAo violated Swedish airspace for a second time as it flew over East of the island of Oland for some minutes.
CAST: Mads Mikkelsen, Eva Green, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Eric Cantona, Mikael Persbrandt, Jonathan Pryce, Douglas Henshail, Michael Raymond-James, Nanna Oland Fabricius, Toke Lars Bjarke
She was predeceased by her mother and father Mamie Claire and Roy and her brother Oland.
he oland n re "Against Poland he showed he will slot in comfortably - and I'm sure that will be the first of many caps for him.
In the present case, bodies were found at an ancient fort on the island of Oland, located off the Swedish coast.
Nanna Oland Fabricius aka Oh Land will be playing stripped down versions of brand new songs from her upcoming Federal Prism/Tusk Or Tooth LP, as well as songs from her last self titled album.
For the most part, this reputation has brought only serious investors with viable projects to the Oland of a thousand hills,O unlike in other East African countries where often quacks are given the red carpet treatment while taking the host governments for a ride.
Adhesives and sealants had slight gains in Oland Q2 then flattened out.