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Noun1.Old Catholic Church - Catholic churches that broke away from the Roman Catholic Church in the 18th century
Catholic Church - any of several churches claiming to have maintained historical continuity with the original Christian Church
Old Catholic - a member of the church formed in the 19th century by German Catholics who refused to accept the infallibility of the Pope
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The Old Catholic Church's UK base is at The Priory Church of St Thomas, Hawksyard Priory, in Rugeley.
(2) Specifically, it will do so by looking at the initially tri-, and eventually quadrilateral consultation on catholicity and globalization conducted by the Philippine Iglesia Filipina Independiente, (3) the Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht, (4) the Episcopal Church, and the Church of Sweden (the Church of Sweden joined as observer from 2007 onwards).
(23) For insights into the development of the Old Catholic Church, consult Victor Conzemius, "Catholicism: Old and Catholic," Journal of Ecumenical Studies (June 1, 1967): 426-445.
Finally the local bourgeoisie--many of them anticlerical in their religious behaviour--concentrated around the Old Catholic Church in towns like Kempten, Lindenberg, Lindau, Constance, Messkirch and Donauschingen.
Describing himself as vicar general of the Old Catholic Church, he would pick up homeless and vulnerable boys.
The Old Catholic Church participates in the World Council of churches and national councils of churches.
Old master Jorge Pineda (1879-1946) is represented by 'Untitled' works, one of them a 1925 watercolor-on-paper of an old Catholic church.
The next week I was in a beautiful old Catholic church in southeast Minneapolis.
Guidance from the North American Old Catholic Church said that shaking hands, hugging, and other bodily contact is prohibited, while New Zealand's Catholic bishops have issued a series of hygiene recommendations.
The three churches named above--the Armenian Apostolic Church, which ordains women deacons, the Orthodox Church of Greece, which has voted to do so, and the Old Catholic Church of the Czech Republic, which has ordained a women deacon--along with the four European member-churches of the Union of Utrecht that ordain women deacons and women priests (the Old Catholic Churches in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Switzerland) have all demonstrated such apostolic succession and valid orders.
Their demand for action comes after Rev Father Mark Paris, 37, of the Parish of St David Old Catholic Church, who lives in Chatterton Square, raised concerns in the Echo about the overflowing bins in the area.
Yet women like Mary Ramerman, without the blessing of the official church, have begun to be ordained through the Old Catholic Church (which split with Rome in 1870 over the concept of papal infallibility but retains apostolic succession), just as some married priests post their availability through CITI (Celibacy is the Issue) Ministries, also known as "Rent a Priest."