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1. A small dioecious tropical American tree (Maclura tinctoria syn. Chlorophora tinctoria) having wood that yields a yellow dye.
2. The wood of this plant.
3. A dye obtained from the wood of this plant.

[Middle English fustik, from Old French fustoc, from Arabic fustuq, from Greek pistakē, pistachio; see pistachio.]


1. (Plants) Also called: old fustic a large tropical American moraceous tree, Chlorophora tinctoria
2. (Dyeing) the yellow dye obtained from the wood of this tree
3. (Plants) any of various trees or shrubs that yield a similar dye, esp Rhus cotinus (young fustic), a European sumach
[C15: from French fustoc, from Spanish, from Arabic fustuq, from Greek pistakē pistachio tree]


(ˈfʌs tɪk)

1. the wood of a large, tropical American tree, Chlorophora tinctoria, of the mulberry family, yielding a light yellow dye.
2. the tree itself.
3. the dye.
4. any of several other dyewoods.
[1425–75; late Middle English fustik < Middle French fustoc < Arabic fustuq « Middle Persian]
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Comments: Premier Old Fustic Extract, also called yellow wood, imparts a yellow to orange color in cosmetic products that is pH dependent and is know to have good light fastness