Old man's head

(Bot.) a columnar cactus (Pilocereus senilis), native of Mexico, covered towards the top with long white hairs.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
But if she thinks she will live to see the people of this country ride over that old man's head, she is mistaken.'
"Then I shall also remain." Then, rising and extending his hand with an air of solemnity over the old man's head, he slowly added, "By the blood of Christ I swear never to leave you while you live."
When paramedics arrived at the scene they saw a four inch-wide deep cut in the old man's head from the attack.
In a voice filled with wonder and glee, I was shown an elephant, an old man's head, a horse with a fat rider and a huge tree.
"Tom," I shouted, shaking the pensioner, "what about the game?" The old man's head slumped forward, a wicked smile played on his face.
Eric squints to get a better look at a patch of white hair on the old man's head. "No," he says, "no, it ain't right.
The fair's many highlights include the Weiss Gallery's sympathetic study of an old man's head, a recent discovery attributed to Rubens (Fig.
Cinderblocks were later used to fill a crack in the old man's head and a weatherproof cover put over it.
Years later, however, I enjoyed telling my folklore students about seeing the old man's head and learning that a number of my students had had similar experiences.
Twitpic "There's an old man's head in Andy's kit bag" THAT'S MY BOY Z Mum Judy shares son's triumph HE'S DONE IT Z Kim gets a hug from Willie SKY-HIGH Z Andy gives his victory salute THAT'S MY 3 MAN Kim celebrates
The pastis has cleared the old man's head. He walks out of the village to the headland where the tourists are crowded onto the pebble beach.
John snatched the beret off the old man's head, stuffed the pounds 350 in it and took the picture.