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Noun1.Oleandra - or family Polypodiaceae: tropical epiphytic or terrestrial fernsOleandra - or family Polypodiaceae: tropical epiphytic or terrestrial ferns
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Oleandraceae, Oleandraceae - one of a number of families into which Polypodiaceae has been subdivided in some classification systems
oleander fern, Oleandra mollis, Oleandra neriiformis - tropical fern having leathery fronds resembling oleander; found from Asia to Polynesia
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When our vessel chugged by his PS80million Villa Oleandra we saw signs that gorgeous George, Amal and their freshly-minted twins might be about, but we had no sighting.
1 Cyrtomium hemionitis, Lygodium merrilii, Oleandra undulata, Pteris tripartita, Aleuritopteris squamosa, Ataxipteris dianguiensis, Cyclosorus terminans, Cephalotaxus mannii, Chieniodendron hainanense, Fissistigma tungfangense, Stephania hainanensis, Tinospora sagittata var.
George y Amal, que el mes proximo celebraran su primer aniversario de boda, llegaron a Ibiza procedentes de Villa Oleandra, la mansion italiana que el actor posee en el Lago de Como, y que por cierto ha puesto a la venta, donde estan disfrutando de sus vacaciones, tras hacer una breve escala en Londres, como vemos en la pagina siguiente.
But Clooney, 51, is keen for Cruise to move into his Villa Oleandra on the shores of Lake Como as he is reportedly looking to switch his holiday home to Salerno in the south of Italy because girlfriend Stacy Keibler is not a fan of the lakes near Milan, the Sun reported.
Se tomo el genero Oleandra (Oleandraceae) como el elemento mas externo del outgroup, pues es el genero neotropical mas cercanamente relacionado con Polypodiaceae (SMITH et al.
Tonduz 17490 Oenothera rosea 1936-04-29 Juvenal Valerio 1119 Oleandra costaricensis 1908-09-04 Humberto Bertolini Ophioglossum reticulatum 1888-07-31 Paul Biolley 925 Oplismenus burmannii 1890-12-07 A.
GEORGE CLOONEY LAKE COMO, ITALY Location: The 18th-century Villa Oleandra perches on the edge of Lake Como in the Italian town of Laglio Cost: pounds 4million Nestling between Lake Como and lush green countryside, Villa Oleandra won the heart of Clooney from the moment he saw the property in 2002 while out riding motorbikes with Brad Pitt.
He i s s a id to be selling Vi l la Oleandra, which he bought in 2002, to seek a quieter retreat in Italy.
The 57-year-old has his heart set on an 18th century villa on the same road as Clooney's stunning Villa Oleandra and has instructed his advisors to help him secure the property.
Roberto Pozzi, the mayor of the little village of Laglio, in which the star resides for four months a year, has introduced a law to keep boisterous fans and nosey paparazzi in check: People who gather in groups of more than three in sight of Clooney's opulent lakeside Villa Oleandra face on-the-spot fines, starting at 19 [euro] ($27.
Clooney bought Villa Oleandra three years ago, and last year he snapped up two neighbouring properties, including Villa Margherita, and built a bridge to link them.
Pareciendo asi desmentir los rumores que aseguraban que la boda seria en Villa Oleandra, una casa palaciega del siglo XVIII en Laglio, a orillas del lago Como, que el actor compro en 2002.