Olearia argophylla

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Noun1.Olearia argophylla - musk-scented shrub or tree of southern and southeastern Australia having creamy-yellow flower heads
daisy bush, daisybush, daisy-bush - any of various mostly Australian attractively shaped shrubs of the genus Olearia grown for their handsome and sometimes fragrant evergreen foliage and profusion of daisy flowers with white or purple or blue rays
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regnans, a midstorey tree layer of Blackwood Acacia melanoxylon, Silver Wattle Acacia dealbata, Myrtle Beech Nothofagus cunninghamii and a tall shrub layer of Soft Tree-fern Dicksonia antarctica, Rough Tree-fern Cyathea australis and Musk Daisy-bush Olearia argophylla (Costermans 1983).
Their crowns may rise 197-295 ft (60-90 m) above a wet sclerophyllous understory 33-66 ft (10-20 m) tall consisting of musk daisy bush (Olearia argophylla, Asteraceae), dogwood (Pomaderris apetala, Rhamnaceae), Acacia dealbata (Fabaceae), and blackwood (A.
On page 4 there is a discrepancy and error in the listing of the botanical and common names of Olearia argophylla and O.