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Noun1.vinyl polymer - a thermoplastic derived by polymerization from compounds containing the vinyl group
polyvinyl acetate, PVA - a vinyl polymer used especially in paints or adhesives
polyvinyl chloride, PVC - a polymer of vinyl chloride used instead of rubber in electric cables
cinnamene, phenylethylene, styrene, vinylbenzene - a colorless oily liquid; the monomer for polystyrene
synthetic resin - a resin having a polymeric structure; especially a resin in the raw state; used chiefly in plastics
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There are many reports on amido functional cyclopenladienyl and indenyl based complexes as catalyst precursors for olefin polymerization (2-15).
Among the topics are porous silica in transition metal polymerization catalysts, supported magnesium-titanium-based Ziegler catalysts for producing polyethylene, product morphology in olefin polymerization with polymer-supported metallocene catalysts, copper catalysts for olefin polymerization, ring-opening metathesis polymerizations and acyclic diene metathesis polymerizations with homogeneous ruthenium and molybdenum catalysts and initiators.
He held basic patents on processes for the synthesis of photo- and biodegradable plastics, high-density polyethylene, polyolefin waxes and coatings resins, and peroxides and other catalysts for olefin polymerization. He published approximately 283 papers in the field of polymer science and was the author of 81 patents.
of Santa Clara, Calif., have jointly discovered a new class of non-metallocene, single-site catalysts for olefin polymerization. In a couple of months, Dow Plastics is expected to unveil new LLDPE resins produced with this catalyst.
chemist with a background in olefin polymerization and oligomerization.
The exothermic olefin polymerization can be used as thermal power generator.
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There, Tsuie worked primarily on catalyst synthesis and olefin polymerization in the company's catalyst research and development group, and managed the technical side of catalyst scale-up.
During a two-year postdoctoral stint with Tom Ziegler, FCIC, in Calgary, AB, the COSMO solvation model was implemented in the ADF package and applied to the study of ion pairing in olefin polymerization catalysts.
Traditional heterogeneous catalysts for olefin polymerization produce their own characteristic mix of molecular-weight species.