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Seniors Johnny Olenek, Logan Bell, juniors Luke Schildmeyer, Tyler Tobin, Matt Connell, Connor Murphy, and freshmen Lexton Rockwell, Dohsay Wah, and Gabe Im figure to add depth to the Saints' 2019 lineup.
A pilot project on the implementation of automated medical examinations (ACE automated clinical examination) was presented to improve the quality of medical examination of children in the districts of Yakutia, for example, Olenek region.
The topics include characterizing and evaluating the Petrocedeno Field, Early Miocene Oficina Formation, Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt, Venezuela; a regional geologic framework for the Athabasca oil sands in northwestern Alberta, oil-saturated Mississippian-Pennsylvanian sandstones of south-central Kentucky; an overview of natural bitumen fields of the Siberian Platform, Olenek Uplift in eastern Siberia; spectral decomposition in a heavy oil and bitumen sand reservoir; screening criteria and technology sequencing for in situ viscous oil production; and tailings management and water use in surface-mined oil sands.
The Leno-Olenekpopulation is the largest in northwestern Yakutia at 1.8-2 moose/10 [km.sup.2] at its core, and inhabits the basins of the Siligir, Muna, Severnaya, Motorchuna, Molodo, and Olenek Rivers (Fig.
Edward's Zach Olenek finished second in triple jump and fourth in long jump.
Edward, Zach Olenek has been triple jumping less than two weeks.
Edward, under the direction of coach Mike Olenek, has a young team this season, but one key bright spot has been senior Zach Olenek, who won the long jump (21-11 1/4) at conference, took third in the 100, third in the 200 and took second in the triple jump, which has an interesting story behind it.