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n.1.(Zool.) The European bullfinch.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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OPEN FINAL: 1) EL Morgan, Aberystwyth, Glen, 4; 2) Dylan Davies, Llanegryn, Sali, 5; 3) EW Edwards, Ruthin, Jet, 7; 4) Frank Roberts, Llandegla, Bill, 7 (OLF); 5) Dylan Davies, Llanegryn, Sam, 7: 6) EL Morgan, Aberystwyth, Nel, 11.
class="MsoNormalTherefore, at the time of his entry into Kenya, Jattani was equally an enemy to the OLF as was with Tigre.
Ayorinde, who briefed the media alongside senior officials of the State Government, some a-list artistes billed to perform and representatives of sponsors, said the OLF would hold in five locations simultaneously across the state, in line with the tradition adopted in the last four years.
OPEN: 1) Brynley Williams, Elwy Lad, 6pts olf; 2) Meirion Jones, Nan, 6pts; 3) Claire Ridge, Spot, 7pts; 4) Karin Haker, Rob, 8pts; 5) Stan Harden, Bob, 9pts olf; 6) Emyr Lloyd, Sal, 9pts.
Recent extensions have emphasized the heterogeneous nature of the search pool, that is, the persistent differences in search efficiency between unemployment and OLF, which is reflected in persistent differences of employment transition probabilities, for example, in Veracierto (2011), Diamond (2013), Elsby, Hobijn, and Sahin (2015), Barnichon and Figura (2015), and Hornstein and Kudlyak (2016).
In this report, we present an unusual case of thoracic stenosis in a Caucasian patient with trunkal pain as an initial symptom and OLF in upper thoracic region.
Ossification of the ligamentum flavum (OLF) is being increasingly recognized as a cause of thoracic myelopathy.[sup][1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6] It is characterized by heterotopic bone formation in the posterolateral sides of the spinal canal that progresses slowly and compromises the function of the spinal cord.[sup][7],[8] Spinal cord kinking (SK) is a rare radiological phenomenon that is associated with idiopathic spinal cord herniation [sup][9] and spine shortening surgery.[sup][10] So far, only one case of SK in thoracic OLF has been described.[sup][11] In the present study, we analyzed consecutive cases of SK in thoracic myelopathy secondary to OLF.
Noting that the engine was still on fire, the aircraft commander, sitting in the right seat, decided to land at the OLF. The crew executed a teardrop maneuver to set up landing on the downwind runway, lowering the gear and hook (there was no arresting gear at the OLF).
The Federal High Court said the two opposition leaders were members of the OLF and were accused of terrorism-related offences, including recruiting students to the banned rebel group and using the membership in legally recognized opposition political party as a disguise.
"The poll showed that people think reasonably and wish to get more knowledge before a decision to allow or not to allow exploration in these areas is made," OLF managing director Gro Braekken told Norwegian news agency Avisenes Nyhetsbyra.
Saturday Open: 1 T Bell and Bob 81, 2 G Birchenhall and Alf 77, 3 R Ibbotson and Zac 75 OLF, 4 S Stevens and Tan 75 OLF, 5 L Taylor and Cap 75, 6 D Wood and Mo 73, 7 J Reed and Jess 68.
Although several animal adrenal cells have been shown to secrete OLFs (9,10), to date no reports have documented the secretion of both OLF and Dh-OLF from any human cell line.