n.1.(Chem.) See Olibanum.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Amal bint Rashed Al Abraweyah, CEO of National Luban Products Company (Oliban), Zuwaina bint Sultan Al Rashidiya, Founder and CEO of Dar Al Herfya and Faris bin Khamis Al Balushi, Founder and CEO of Innovation Factory for Research and Development.
Salim Al Wahaibi of Oliban said that the company seeks to disseminate an international Omani brand using the best international ethical and professional practices in the area of health and wellness by creating value for sustainable products.
Joining Al Shaibani on the Inside Stories panel are: Dr Abdullah Al Mahruki, executive director, Industrial Innovation Center; Dr Amaal Al Abrawi, CEO, Oliban; Amira Al Rawahi, founder, Amira's Soaps; and Sarah Al Asfoor, founder of the highly popular Souq Al Sabt.
Shumookh Investment and Services Company, the investment arm of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates, invested in National Frankincense Products LLC (Oliban).
Manganese mean concentration was 162 mg/kg with a range of 1.8 mg/kg (oliban) to 715 mg/kg (roselle).
Boswellia gum (nature's antibiotic) supplement, oliban (luban shihri), eliminates and expectorates mucus, disinfects and decongests the sinuses, and detoxifies the body.
In "A une madone," Baudelaire offers fragrances of religious adoration to his exotic mistress, "Et comme tout en moi te cherit et t'admire, / Tout se fera Benjoin, Encens, Oliban, Myrrhe, / Et sans cesse vers toi, sommet blanc et neigeux, / En vapeurs montera mon Esprit orageux" (1: 59).
Although a mediocre work, it invokes Pliny in its "Argument" ("Pline dict que le pin oliban / Qui croist sur le mont de Liban / Estre sur tous le pur encens.
By heating certain essential oils, you are able to animate your spirits with clove oil; relax with lavender; boost immunity with oliban, Boswellia, (luban shihri); energize your body and mind with ginger; and detoxify with lemon.
Amaal Al Abrawi, CEO of Oliban; Amira Al Rawahi, Founder of Amira's Soaps, and Sarah al-Asfoor, Founder of the highly popular Souq Al Sabt.
Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, turmeric, spices, herbs (Echinacea, oliban - luban shihri) and condiments (garlic, onions) were once valued for their aromatic flavors and magical effects.