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n.1.An elephant.
2.An ancient horn, made of ivory.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Duggan).12 In La Chanson de Roland, roughly midway through the narrative of war between Christian France and Saracen Spain, Charlemagne is recalled to battle by his nephew Roland's blowing of his horn, the famed Olifant. So powerfully does Roland blow that his temples burst, but as he bleeds to death, he fights on, together with his fellow warriors.
In the mid-season Olifant's River area the crop is running ahead of forecast, but in the Paarl region it is slightly behind last year.
On the local front, South Afrika's Makhosi Khoza, was onto something as well, when she was labeled a lightweight by one of the journalists of the Sunday Tribune-Nathi Olifant, (the fact that he was male, made her argument even heavier-author's emphasis) when she referred to herself as a "triple oppression survivor, under the racist, sexist, capitalist system" (Khoza, 2011:34).
Een van die hoogtepunte van die roman is waar 'n landmyn 'n olifant se lewe in die Caprivi neem, wat ook dui op ander "vergete" slagoffers van die oorlog, bo en behalwe die wat deur Anthony Feinstein in Kopwond (2011) bespreek word.
Our friends at Olifant, a Paris business specializing in horns, use this word regularly.
In the first wave of arms purchases, the South African Army failed to have its old Olifant MBTs (upgraded Centurions) replaced.
In fact, the cult has a name: Confrerie van de Roze Olifant, or Brotherhood of the Pink Elephant, a chimerical creature those afflicted with the DTs are said to behold.
At the end of the novel, Lord Evandale is shot as a "traitor" when he challenges Basil Olifant's fight to "beset the road" (347).
The Noble Martini combines Olifant Vodka with Damilano Barolo concentrate, and his Super Tuscan Martini mixes vodka with a Brancaia Tre wine reduction.