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 (ō-lĭn′də, o͝o-lēN′dä)
A city of eastern Brazil, a suburb of Recife on the Atlantic Ocean. It was founded in 1537 as a colonial capital and held by the Dutch from 1630 to 1654.


(oʊˈlɪn də; Port. ʊˈlĩ dɑ)

a city in NE Brazil, N suburb of Recife, on the Atlantic coast: beach resort. 266,751.
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The old city of Olinda stands on one extremity of this range.
Its gritty texture and brooding shades of grey seem set to make this look a staple in 2018, says DAN BEAVAN Olinda blind, currently PS46.
The Andrews Labor Government is giving Olinda families and visitors the community parkland they deserve, transforming a former golf course into a new public precinct.
The Olinda Trust which operates the home says the decision was taken to close the business as it was not "financially viable".
It was meet- ing her Isos support worker Olinda Kim-polo that helped her transform her life.
Sofitel Dubai Downtown has appointed Ammar Hilal as its new general manager and Olinda Morais will take on the role of director of sales and marketing.
La arquidiocesis brasilena de Olinda y Recife anuncio su decision de abrir oficialmente en mayo el proceso de beatificacion del arzobispo Helder Camara.
The operation was based in Spain and Castielle has since moved to California to promote his erotic new venture with his partner Olinda.
In the meantime, on the other side of the failing enchanted wall that separates Santarem from Olinda, home of the powerful Keepers, Jacare defies the Mage Council and sets out to cross the wall with a small band of the Elite Guard.
ROME--Pope Paul VI spoke privately June 15, 1978, with activist Archbishop Helder Camara, who has said the pope ordered him to not travel outside his archdiocese of Olinda and Recife, Brazil.
Seguindo nossos propositos ao qual nos empenhamos que e o de publicar/divulgar sobre a Obesidade, a Nutricao e o Emagrecimento e aos estudos que foram construidos, com muita dedicacao e empenho, apresentamos nesse numero da RBONE 3 trabalhos, sendo, um estudo de relato de experiencia sobre a reeducacao alimentar e a atividade fisica em Nova Olinda do Norte no Amazonas, um estudo sobre as Desordens Metabolicas na Sindrome dos Ovarios Policisticos e o Efeito da [beta]-Glucana da Aveia no perfil Lipidico.
A court in the city of Olinda heard that the trio is suspected of the murders of three young women.