Oliver Ellsworth

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Noun1.Oliver Ellsworth - United States jurist and the third chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1745-1807)
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The Creation of American Law: John Jay, Oliver Ellsworth and the 1790s Supreme Court
Similarly, Oliver Ellsworth, who was essential in securing the Connecticut Compromise at the Constitutional Convention--a win for state sovereignty--became one of the most vehement Hamiltonians.
Within the same time frame, Oliver Ellsworth, chief justice of the U.S.
Although the focus is on Sherman's political thinking, Hall tell us, his book shows that the Reformed tradition was central to the thought of Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Oliver Ellsworth, Jonathan Trumbull, William Paterson, John Witherspoon, and several other prominent Calvinist politicians as well.
(23) For example, Oliver Ellsworth, the state's most prominent national politician, believed he had been selected by God to serve in the United States Senate.