Oliver Joseph


 (ŏl′ə-vər), Joseph Known as "King Oliver." 1885-1938.
American jazz cornetist and composer who had a great influence on the style of Louis Armstrong.
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Elsewhere at Wrexham Maelor, Naomi Hole from Caego, New Broughton gave birth to her fifth baby, Oliver Joseph Samuels at 2.
FLOAT BOAT Sussex coast WHEEL JDEAL Beaulieu car museum KART KIDS Joseph and Oliver Joseph and Oliver a
Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge, English physicist (1851-1940)
Oliver Joseph Donegan, aged 41, of Upper Spon Street, Coventry, using threatening words or behaviour, conditional discharge for one year.
The British physicist Oliver Joseph Lodge (1851-1940) improved the device in 1894, called it a coherer, and used it to detect radio waves half a mile from the source.
Not Joseph, despite the heavy hint we thought we'd dropped his teachers by naming him Oliver JOSEPH Crutchlow, but it didn't matter.
Joseph Smith, aged 86, gave police a detailed description after Oliver Joseph Donegan, aged 34, of Richmond Street, Stoke, Coventry, called at his home in Warwick on December 21, claiming to be an Age Concern official.