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 (ŏl′ə-vər), Joseph Known as "King Oliver." 1885-1938.
American jazz cornetist and composer who had a great influence on the style of Louis Armstrong.


1. (Biography) one of Charlemagne's 12 paladins. See also Roland
2. (Biography) Isaac. ?1556–1617, English portrait miniaturist, born in France: he studied under Hilliard and worked at James I's court
3. (Biography) Jamie (Trevor). born 1975, British chef and presenter of television cookery programmes
4. (Biography) Joseph, known as King Oliver. 1885–1938, US pioneer jazz cornetist


(ˈɒl ə vər)

one of Charlemagne's paladins.
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Noun1.Oliver - United States jazz musician who influenced the style of Louis Armstrong (1885-1938)


[ˈɒlɪvəʳ] NOliverio
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Third, if such interventions are given, also the rate of treatment resistant hypertension (for a definition Boswell, Pascual, & Oliveras, 2015; for Spain: Oliveras & de la Sierra, 2014) could probably be reduced (Calhoun et al.
She waits with her kids and a tiny lantern for her husband, Carlos Oliveras, to close his barber shop and return to a home with only a table, four chairs and a couple of mattresses.
Chamuyo Estate Malbec and Mas Oliveras Tempranillo were both good options by the glass.
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Por ejemplo, Lorenz Gabriel Feddersen Oliveras, en el capitulo sobre "Impunidad, corrupcion y violencia en Mexico: amenazas al Estado", (14) considera que
Beyond that, there's a huge misconception that to give back to these communities, it takes extra time or a monetary commitment," said Clementina Oliveras, founder of Wander in a press release obtained by IBT.
Dichas partidas, segun consta en la documentacion, estan dirigidas a dos beneficiarios: Erick Rodrigo Taracena Oliveras y Ana Cristina Fox de la Concha--hija del expresidente Vicente Fox--por el pago mensual del alquiler de un inmueble en la Ciudad de Mexico, como adelanto la agencia Apro el miercoles 8.
Adrien Schrobiltgen, Axalta's vice president of refinish systems for Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Laurent Oliveras, Axalta's Country business manager of Refinish Systems for France, received the award from M.
Incorporar el hueso de aceituna que recogen de sus propios oliveras como fuente de energia, reduciendo asi un 80% sus emisiones de C[O.
Chris Oliveras, General Partner of Kran Sports and Entertainment Management, who manages Green, stated going into the fight, “this fight is special for Green because it is Ian's first fight since the death of his father due to cancer in February.
Partimos de precedentes como los trabajos del equipo portugues de Pahlares (2008), las artesanias andaluzas de Oliveras (1996) o la cesteria de Gerdes (1988) y Gavarrete (2012); los cuales nos indujeron la idea de acercarnos a los artesanos preguntandoles el porque de sus practicas.