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n.1.(Chem.) A complex bitter gum, found on the leaves of the olive tree; - called also olivite.
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Ollagnier M, Lauzeral A, Olivin J, Ochs R (1978) Development of soils under oil palm after deforestation.
The varieties investigated were Manu, Meri, Triso, Vinjett, (items 1-4), and Spelta (Trticum spelta, item 5) as spring varieties; Anthus, Bjork, Olivin, Portal, and Tarso (items 6-10) as winter varieties; and Manu, Meri, and Vinjett (items 11-13) as spring organic varieties (all harvested in 2009).
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-5 June 2003-Norwegian state sells remaining 51% holding in A/S Olivin to North Cape Minerals AS(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The Norwegian ministry of trade and industry said on Thursday (5 June) that it had agreed to sell the Norwegian state's 51% holding in the olivine-based sand and refractory products supplier A/S Olivin to the company's other shareholder, North Cape Minerals AS.
North Cape Minerals would acquire full control of Olivin for NOK350m, the ministry said.
However, soil acidification and structural deterioration have been observed following replanting of oil palm on savannah (Dufour and Olivin 1985; Cabman et al.
Caliman JP, Olivin J, Dufour O (1987) Degradation of sandy ferralitic soils in oil palm cultivation through acidification and compaction-correction methods.
Dufour O, Olivin J (1985) Evolution of soils in oil palm plantation on savannah.
Moxy today is 100% owned by Norwegian mining company Olivin AS, Olivin having bought out Komatsu's 25% share in Moxy last year.
The existing mines, with the notable exceptions of Grong Gruber, Nikkel og Olivin and Bleikvassli, are approaching the end of their economic lives.