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 (ōm′stĕd′, -stĭd), Frederick Law 1822-1903.
American landscape architect who was the chief designer of Central Park in New York City (1858-1861).


(ˈoʊm stɪd, -stɛd)

n. Frederick Law,
1822–1903, U.S. landscape architect.
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Noun1.Olmsted - United States landscape architect primarily responsible for the design of Central Park in New York City (1822-1903)Olmsted - United States landscape architect primarily responsible for the design of Central Park in New York City (1822-1903)
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North Olmsted was once part of the Connecticut Western Reserve, land claimed by the state in what is now northeastern Ohio.
He revered Frederick Law Olmsted, the designer of Central Park, and this project for a barge of vegetation towed around Manhattan by tugboat can be seen as a kind of homage to his nineteenth-century land art predecessor.
In fact, Young effectively documents the fact that during the 1860s, Frederick Law Olmsted and others were making the case for urban parks as well or better than anyone does today.
Simpson declares the confrontation, which featured conservationist John Muir and landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted on one side and the U.
The Charlotte Consolidated Construction Company hired the Olmsted brothers, whose previous work included the White House grounds, to plan the street layout of the 442 treeless acres of Dilworth, south of Charlotte.
IN 1941, MY DAD was transferred from Olmsted Air Force Base in Middletown, Pennsylvania, to Mobile Air Force Base in Alabama to repair and install bombsights in military aircraft.
Jenkins was technical director of the Ductile Iron Society, North Olmsted, Ohio, from 1983-2000 and served as vice-president-technical at Wagner Castings Co.
Sandra Robbins, author; Joan Alpers, illustrator; Jeff Olmsted, musical
According to the career center, the project has three main objectives: to provide Polaris students and students in the associate schools of Berea, Brooklyn, Fairview, Midpark, North Olmsted, Olmsted Falls and Strongsville with a habitat to study native pond plants and aquatic life such as fish and amphibians, as well as creating a wildlife protection site; to allow frequent studies without the expense of field trips; and to link the curriculum taught within the horticultural sciences program to national and state benchmarks.
During surveillance of the Canyon Country property, investigators saw Elmore handing the rifles to a man who then drove to his own residence in Agua Dulce with the weapons, Olmsted said.
The airport is planning to extend its runway by 2,000 feet in September, however it is feared the extension will lead to noisier conditions for residents in Olmsted Falls.
Frederick Law Olmsted Walks and Talks of an American Farmer in England.