Olympian Zeus

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Noun1.Olympian Zeus - a seated statue of the supreme god of ancient Greek mythology created for the temple at Olympia; the statue was 40 feet tall and rested on a base that was 12 feet high
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Seven Wonders of the World - impressive monuments created in the ancient world that were regarded with awe
statue - a sculpture representing a human or animal
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Twice in succession, then, has the just man overthrown the unjust in this conflict; and now comes the third trial, which is dedicated to Olympian Zeus the saviour: a sage whispers in my ear that no pleasure except that of the wise is quite true and pure-- all others are a shadow only; and surely this will prove the greatest and most decisive of falls?
Admission is around [euro]12 and includes entry to various other sites including the theatre of Dionysos, Kerameikos, ancient Agora, Roman Agora, Tower of the Winds and the Temple of Olympian Zeus.
by Leonid Bershidsky Tourists visit the sanctuary of Olympian Zeus as the Acropolis hill is seen in the background in Athens July 24, 2014.
It's here that you'll find attractions ranging from the Acropolis to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, as well as treasures in the National Archaeological Museum.
From the Parthenon atop the Acropolis to the Theatre of Dionysus and Temple of Olympian Zeus.
The Temple of Olympian Zeus took 700 years to construct and 15 of its Corinthian columns still tower over the city centre.
There's more to Greece than the quaint Santorini, of course -- Rathee began his Greek sojourn with Athens, marvelling at old ruins, and wondering about how the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athen's Syntagma Square, must have looked like in its prime.
Olympian Zeus from Fresh Line Greek cosmetic brand Fresh Line has introduced its Olympian range, especially for men.