gold medal

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gold medal

(Individual Sports, other than specified) a medal of gold, awarded to the winner of a competition or race. Compare silver medal, bronze medal

gold′ med′al

a medal, traditionally of gold, awarded to a person or team finishing first in a competition. Compare bronze medal, silver medal.
gold′ med′alist, n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: medal - a trophy made of gold (or having the appearance of gold) that is usually awarded for winning first place in a competitiongold medal - a trophy made of gold (or having the appearance of gold) that is usually awarded for winning first place in a competition
trophy, prize - something given as a token of victory
ميداليه ذَهَبيَّه
zlatá medaile
zlatá medaila
altın madalya

gold medal

n (Sport) → medaglia d'oro


(gould) noun
1. an element, a precious yellow metal used for making jewellery etc. This watch is made of gold; (also adjective) a gold watch.
2. coins, jewellery etc made of gold.
3. the colour of the metal. the shades of brown and gold of autumn leaves; (also adjective) a gold carpet.
ˈgolden adjective
1. of gold or the colour of gold. golden hair.
2. (of a wedding anniversary, jubilee etc) fiftieth. They will celebrate their golden wedding (anniversary) next month.
ˈgoldfishplural ˈgoldfish noun
a small golden-yellow fish often kept as a pet. The child kept a goldfish in a bowl.
ˌgold-ˈleaf noun
gold beaten into a very thin sheet. a brooch covered with gold-leaf.
gold medal
in competitions, the medal awarded as first prize.
ˈgold-mine noun
1. a place where gold is mined.
2. a source of wealth or profit. That clothes shop is an absolute gold-mine.
ˈgold-rush noun
a rush of people to a part of a country where gold has been discovered.
ˈgoldsmith noun
a person who makes jewellery, ornaments etc of gold.
as good as gold
very well-behaved.
golden opportunity
a very good opportunity.
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LAHORE -- Secretary Pakistan Hockey Federation, Shahbaz Ahmad donated a hockey stick signed by Pakistan's three Olympic gold medal winning teams' captains and the four World Cup winning captains to the hokey museum in London on Wednesday.
I am so happy that my first attempt at an Olympic medal was successful and to win Bahrain's first ever Olympic gold medal was a true honour," she said.
Both struggled to correctly answer questions about sport, with Pontypridd MP Mr Smith over-estimating the total number of medals won by cyclist Jason Kenny, who notched up his sixth Olympic gold medal on Tuesday night, and also falling flat over Wales's winning scores during the Euro 2016 football tournament.
The cyclist, who secured his fifth Olympic gold medal on Sunday in the sprint after a head-to-head with team-mate Callum Skinner, bemoaned a lack of sponsorship ahead of the Rio Games and described himself as unmarketable.
At which Olympic Games did Sir Bradley Wiggins win his first Olympic gold medal and in which event?
gymnast in history to win an Olympic gold medal on floor exercise by sitting on her ass.
2million people, was only Britain's 10th Olympic gold medal in 90 years of the Winter Games.
1948 -- After landing the first double axel in Olympic competition, Dick Button becomes the first American to win the Olympic gold medal in figure skating.
Summary: British London Olympic gold medal winners Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford will compete .
Etienne, who is from Bedford, swept to Olympic gold medal victory for Team GB during the London 2012 games.
The 32-year-old Olympic gold medal winner has damaged his ribs in the collision, which took place in Wrightington, near Wigan, UK.
Summary: Olympic gold medal winner and Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins has received a Lifetime Achievement award at the GQ Awards.