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Noun1.Olympic god - a classical Greek god after the overthrow of the Titans
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The dignitary himself had been General Epanchin's protector from his youth up; and the general considered him so majestic a personage that he would have felt a hearty contempt for himself if he had even for one moment allowed himself to pose as the great man's equal, or to think of him--in his fear and reverence-as anything less than an Olympic God! There were others present who had not met for years, and who had no feeling whatever for each other, unless it were dislike; and yet they met tonight as though they had seen each other but yesterday in some friendly and intimate assembly of kindred spirits.
But the Scot will have to do it the hard way with five races in five days if he's to live up to the Olympic god.
Former gymnast and Olympic god medalist Shawn Johnson and her husband, former NFL long snapper Andrew East, announced in an emotional video posted Saturday that Johnson had recently suffered a miscarriage,
The Olympic God's removal, however, was deliberate, whereas in 1911 it was inadvertent, according to coin historians.
"Certainly a challenge for the British super middleweight title is a strong possibility and I have also been looking at the idea of him taking on James De-Gale, the Olympic God medalist who has won all six of his professional fights - four of them inside the distance.