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Noun1.Omani rial - the basic unit of money in Oman
Omani monetary unit - monetary unit in Oman
baisa, baiza - 1,000 baiza equal 1 riyal-omani in Oman
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The CBO sent a circular to all foreign exchange companies operating in the Sultanate indicating that it has come to its notice that some foreign exchange companies provide remarkably varying exchange rate for the Omani Riyal against the U.A.E Dirham compared to the previous rates.
According to Oman News Agency, the value of trading amounted to (7) million and (82) thousand and (654) Omani riyals by (226.5) per cent compared to the last trading session which amounted to two million and (169) thousand and (256) Omani riyals.
alarming swing into deficit of 1.92 billion Omani Riyals (US$ 4.99 billion) by the end of June
Quasi money (comprising savings and time deposits in Omani riyals, certificates of deposit issued by commercial banks, margin deposits and foreign currency denominated deposits) increased by 14.1 per cent to RO6,509.1 million by October 2011 compared to RO5,706.9 million a year ago.
compared to 6.95 billion Omani riyals in the corresponding period last year,
Muscat A Court in Oman has ordered Bank Dhofar to pay 26.1 million Omani riyals to Oman International Bank (OIB) following a lawsuit filed by the latter.
Government revenues rose 12.8% to 4.007 billion Omani riyals during the first eight months of 2006, compared to 3.55 billion during the same period last year.
Muscat, July 28 (ONA) The total traded value of the real estate activities recorded till the end of June 2015 reached two billion, 231 million and 700 thousand Omani Riyals with a 45.9% hike compared to the figures recorded during the same period of 2014; which witnessed a traded value of one billion, 529 million and 100 thousand Omani Riyals, according to the statistics issued by the National Centre for Statistics and Information.
Oman had earlier published a budget plan for 2014, which ran expenditure levels at 13.5 billion Omani Riyals
Violators are liable to be fined 100 Omani riyals (Dh950) if caught smoking in restricted areas.
Security authorities in Mahra province have seized more than one million in counterfeit Yemeni and Omani riyals, the Interior Ministry has reported .<p>The sum was sized with three people, 29-43, who confessed during preliminary investigations to possessing almost a million and one hundred thousand Yemeni and Omani riyals at their residence.
Around 6.665 billion Omani riyals were added to the seventh five-year plan,