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Noun1.Omar Bradley - United States general who played an important role in the Allied victory in World War II (1893-1981)Omar Bradley - United States general who played an important role in the Allied victory in World War II (1893-1981)
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If Omar Bradley was hardly "America's General" inasmuch as he was scarcely known to either his troops or the public, then he surely was one of the more important uniformed figures of World War II and the early Cold War, and is clearly deserving of an informed, well-researched biography.
After some false starts with other orders, Halsey eventually went on in the next year to the Army War College, then located in Washington, DC, where his classmates included Jonathan Wainwright and a future Army five-star general, Omar Bradley. Again he did not distinguish himself academically, but his time there gave him unusual perspective as one of the very few to graduate from both the Army and Naval War Colleges.
No important figure in American military history needs a good biography more than General of the Army Omar Bradley. He carefully controlled his narrative while alive, authoring or coauthoring any books about him, and his second wife, Kitty, carefully guarded his image after his death.
A peer of George Patton and Omar Bradley, he helped found the Eighth Air Force in England, directed Allied efforts in Italy, and led the Sixth Army in its race to the Rhine and stalwart resistance in the Battle of the Bulge.
It's museum has George Washington's pistols and Napoleon's sword and great military figures learned their craft here, such as Civil War generals Ulysses Grant and Robert E Lee, right up to World War Two heroes Dwight D Eisenhower and Omar Bradley.
Omar Bradley, the M2A2 is one of two BFV models designed to transport and protect infantry while offering offensive capabilities.
Our front page reported how 35,000 retreating German troops had withdrawn to an area close to the heavily fortified Channel port of Cherbourg as US General Omar Bradley's advancing 9th Division closed in.
Omar Bradley 'saw Ferdinand's six rows of ribbons headed by 22 valor medals including the Distinguished Service Cross, the four-star general saluted Marcos.'
His intervention in the Battle of the Bulge was called "one of the most brilliant performances by any Commander on either side in WW2"(General Omar Bradley, Commander 12 (US) Army group) .The rock soup story was probably coined by his 3rd Army Chief of Staff, Major General Allen in WW2.
This game features future great names in sport and history; Pop Warner, Jim Thorpe, Generals Dwight Eisenhower and Omar Bradley. The history of the Carlisle Indian School and its football team is a story of greatness and a look at the beginning years of football and many of its aspects today.
After completing these exercises, we were sent into the English Channel and arrived at Plymouth Harbour on approximately the 1st of June 1944 and tied up alongside the USS Augusta, an American cruiser, which was [General] Omar Bradley's flagship.