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O·mar Khay·yám

 (ō′mär kī-yäm′, -ăm′) 1050?-1123?
Persian poet, mathematician, and astronomer known for his collection of quatrains The Rubáiyat of Omar Khayyám, translated by Edward FitzGerald (1859).
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Omar Khayyám

(ˈəʊmɑː kaɪˈɑːm)
(Biography) ?1050–?1123, Persian poet, mathematician, and astronomer, noted for the Rubáiyát, a collection of quatrains, popularized in the West by Edward Fitzgerald's version (1859)
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O•mar Khay•yám

(ˈoʊ mɑr kaɪˈyɑm, -ˈyæm, ˈoʊ mər)
died 1123?, Persian poet and mathematician.
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Noun1.Omar Khayyam - Persian poet and mathematician and astronomer whose poetry was popularized by Edward Fitzgerald's translation (1050-1123)Omar Khayyam - Persian poet and mathematician and astronomer whose poetry was popularized by Edward Fitzgerald's translation (1050-1123)
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If you are agreed, say, in admiring Meredith, Hardy, Omar Khayyam, and Maeterlinck,--to take four particularly test-authors,--there is nothing to prevent your marrying at once.
In those days Fitzgerald's translation of Omar Khayyam was known only to the elect, and Hayward repeated it to Philip.
(1809-1883), Irish by birth, an eccentric though kind-hearted recluse, and a friend of Tennyson, is known solely for his masterly paraphrase (1859) of some of the Quatrains of the skeptical eleventh-century Persian astronomer-poet Omar Khayyam. The similarity of temper between the medieval oriental scholar and the questioning phase of the Victorian period is striking (though the spirit of Fitzgerald's verse is no doubt as much his own as Omar's), and no poetry is more poignantly beautiful than the best of this.
He said it was like Omar Khayyam in the Wilderness and Shelley's
Istanbul : People around the world celebrated the 971st birthday of legendary polymath Omar Khayyam. Over the weekend Google launched its very own doodle depicting the great poet, astronomer, and mathematician.
Google doodle honors Omar Khayyam. CAIRO -- 18 May 2019: Omar Khayyam was an outstanding mathematician and astronomer who wrote several books such as Problems of Arithmetic, a book on music, and one on algebra before he was 25 years old.
Summary: He was also poet whose work Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam was translated by Fitzgerald in 1859
Captain Omar Khayyam, who was operating PIA flight PK-791 (Islamabad to Birmingham) on March 21, was accused of being under the influence after a preliminary test.
The new Egypt office of Aristo Developers is conveniently located in the heart of the commercial vibe within the grounds of the luxurious Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino, the illustrious venue of business world glamour.
He was also a poet and wrote hundreds of rubaiyat in the styles of Omar Khayyam and Sarmad Kashani.
Which British poet is best known for his translation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam? A Rudyard Kipling B Lord Tennyson C Percy Bysshe Shelley D Edward Fitzgerald 2.
According to ancient philosopher Omar Khayyam we need a loaf of bread, wine and a book of verse to help keep us happy