n.1.The act of ominating; presaging.
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It seems a bit odd that one hibernating rodent's late-winter den omination, al legedly fixing the time till spring, should be a matter of such manifest interest to persons of all religious beliefs.
Ominate, the verb from which omination is derived, is defined as meaning to prophecy or augur from signs or omens.
Hopefully, this will now mean that they will not be able to ruin our skyline with the ab omination called The Fourth Grace.
The fact Cambridge has lost the feminist author and academic Germaine Greer to Warwick, who joins the university this year as Professor of English and Comparative Literature, would seem to seal its new-found status as a Midland rival to the traditional d omination of Oxbridge.
D omination, totally controlling your partner sexually or being completely at your partner's mercy, is a situation that many people fantasise about.
The present state of affairs is an ab omination to God.
I cannot, under any circumstances, relate to a gay and lesbian group who call themselves Chris-tians because the Bible makes it abundantly clear that this unnatural way of life is an ab omination to God,and his pattern for our lives is also clearly written in Scripture.
N r ominations can be submitted via the website, www.
Streep has won two Academy Awards and received ten Oscar n ominations during a career, which has included films such as Kramer vs Kramer, Sophie's Choice, The French Lieutenant's Woman, Out of Africa, and Silkwood.