Omnibus bill

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a large box in a theater, on a level with the stage and having communication with it.
- Thackeray.

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If approved, the omnibus legislation will increase access to naloxone, a drug that reverses the effects of an overdose, by allowing county health departments and ancillary law enforcement officials, like probation and corrections employees, to use it.
A Senate that refuses to pass omnibus legislation sent to it by the House on anything other than an exceptional basis would create nothing less than a revolutionary restructuring of the traditional relationship between the two chambers of Parliament.
Payments from the program were suspended in December because the federal omnibus legislation cut hundreds of billions in funding.
Other items in todays omnibus legislation included the 12 month review of the Heritage Amendment Bill 2013, in which a number of changes were made to improve the operation and clarity of administrative and decision-making processes.
Now that Congress has reached this agreement, appropriators will still have to hammer out a final spending bill, perhaps in the form of omnibus legislation.
The omnibus legislation provides a chance to water down some of its provisions, as occurred in a spending bill at the end of 2014.
Moore was also interested in speaking about the use of omnibus legislation in general.
Stating that the rule of law has been undermined with omnibus legislation packages, Sayman stated: "This isn't law.
In light of contentious omnibus legislation last year that would allow federal Conservatives to override environmental review decisions, the vice-president of the Union of B.
After hours of emotional debate, the Senate late on Tuesday evening approved omnibus legislation to tighten abortion restrictions.
Both associations said they will work cooperatively to bring about an amendment to pending omnibus legislation in an effort to prevent the inequitable application of mandated sizable penalties against producers for the violation of rating laws where they have no ratemaking authority.
The omnibus legislation, the Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2012, was passed Friday and also contains a five-year National Flood Insurance Program extension, until Sept.