Malcolm X

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Mal·colm X

 (măl′kəm ĕks′) Originally Malcolm Little. 1925-1965.
American activist. A member of the Nation of Islam (1952-1963), he advocated separatism and black pride. After converting to orthodox Islam, he founded the Organization of Afro-American Unity (1964) and was assassinated in Harlem.
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Malcolm X

(Biography) original name Malcolm Little. 1925–65, US Black civil-rights leader: assassinated
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Mal•colm X

(ˈmæl kəm ˈɛks)
(Malcolm Little), 1925–65, U.S. civil-rights activist and religious leader.
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Noun1.Malcolm X - militant civil rights leader (1925-1965)Malcolm X - militant civil rights leader (1925-1965)
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True, a rose called by any other name smells just as sweet but a name or term perverted can cause a lot of trouble, a trending example being Omowale Sowore's call for revolution, for which he is cooling his heels in (unjustifiable?) detention.
in This Nonviolent Stuff'll Get You Killed (Basic Books) and Akinyele Omowale Umoja in We Will Shoot Back (NYU Press) both provide strong evidence that "nonviolent" civil rights activism succeeded (as much as it has) only because of earlier acts of violent self-defense.
Police said that Maxwell Omowale Justice was speaking to the camera as he was handing out flyers and trying to get signatures for a candidate on Sunday afternoon in the West Englewood on the city's South Side when shots could be heard.
Newton Gun Club: After a white Dallas police officer killed an unarmed black man in 2013, community organizers Yafeuh Balogun and Babu Omowale launched the Huey P.
Olympic cyclist Dotsie Bausch, professional cyclist Christine Vardaros, bodybuilder Ndem Nkem, and kickboxer Omowale Adewale are just the tip of the iceberg.
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In an exclusive over-the-phone interview with The New American, General Babu Omowale, the co-founder of the Huey P.
"This is how they treat black men with guns," said Babu Omowale, cofounder of the Dallas-based Huey P.
Simpson (paper US$ 30.00) originated at an eponymous conference and includes contributions by Agnel Barron, April Bernard, Bridget Brereton, Alan Cobley, Sandra Gift & Oba Kenyatta Omowale Kiteme, Ena Harris, Hilde Neus van der Putten, Edith Perez Sisto, Agostinho M.N.
Turnbow's pithy rejoinder, which has also been quoted elsewhere, appears in Akinyele Omowale Umoja's enviably titled work, We Will Shoot Back.