On Monday

On Monday   
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And on Monday morning, weary, he began the new week's work, but he had kept sober.
You will please, Mr Pancks, to squeeze the Yard again, the first thing on Monday morning.
If not, sir, duty, duty; squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, on Monday; squeeze on Monday!'
I'll give it you to-night, and you can get the heir-loom out again on Monday. Come; it's a small service, after all.
"On Monday evening last, did you purchase strychnine for the purpose of poisoning a dog?"
"You deny absolutely having purchased strychnine from Albert Mace on Monday last?"
That blessed lamb found out I hated Monday mornin's somethin' awful; an' what does she up an' tell me one day but this: 'Well, anyhow, Nancy, I should think you could be gladder on Monday mornin' than on any other day in the week, because 'twould be a whole WEEK before you'd have another one!' An' I'm blest if I hain't thought of it ev'ry Monday mornin' since--an' it HAS helped, ma'am.
Young Harry Paine, who was to marry his employer's daughter on Monday, had come to the tent with a crowd of friends and danced all evening.
Having no desire to leave me too abruptly, she would remain the next day (which was Sunday); and would take her departure on Monday morning.
Start on Monday. I suppose you've got no cause of complaint with that."
You can sleep there on Sunday night, if you like; that's just as you please, or you can send your box there on Monday." The manager nodded: "Good-morning."
My father has recollected an engagement that takes our whole family away on Monday. We are going to Lord Longtown's, near Hereford, for a fortnight.