On Wednesday

On Wednesday   
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But on Wednesday, I think, Henry, you may expect us; and we shall be with you early, that we may have time to look about us.
Because I am to hope for the satisfaction of seeing you at Woodston on Wednesday, which bad weather, or twenty other causes, may prevent, I must go away directly, two days before I intended it."
"I have been thinking seriously of what you said to me on Wednesday, before you went back to town.
But that the clew to her language and her conduct on Wednesday last is to be found in such a feeling toward the man who has ruined us, as the feeling at which you hinted, is what I can not and will not believe of my sister.
"Having already mentioned to you my own conviction that Magdalen was not herself when you saw her on Wednesday, I feel tempted to stop here and give you an instance in proof of what I say.
You will understand from this how terribly she suffers, how wildly and strangely she acts under violent agitation; and you will not interpret against her what she said or did when you saw her on Wednesday last.
During their long conversation on Wednesday evening, Speranski more than once remarked: "We regard everything that is above the common level of rooted custom..." or, with a smile: "But we want the wolves to be fed and the sheep to be safe..." or: "They cannot understand this..." and all in a way that seemed to say: "We, you and I, understand what they are and who we are."
I will answer for it that we shall find no inconvenience from narrow roads on Wednesday."
Clean energy company Fortum Oyj (HEL: FORTUM) on Wednesday confirmed that it is in advanced discussions with E.ON concerning E.ON's 46.65% stake in the Germany-based international energy company Uniper SE.
27 March 2013 a[euro]" Russian gas major Gazprom OAO (MCX:GAZP) is interested in acquiring gas thermal power operations in Hungary from German energy company E.ON SE (ETR:EOAN), local paper Vilaggazdasag said on Wednesday.
Technology company Hewlett-Packard GmbH and E.ON IT GmbH announced on Wednesday that the two companies have signed an infrastructure technology outsourcing services contract.
You should already have chosen Waggy's Dream Team defence and midfield from the articles we printed on Wednesday and Thursday.