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a.1.Looking on or forward.
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Both sets of fans joined forces in a round of applause in the eighth minute and Pack's firsthalf rocket, which opened the scoring in the 36th minute, was a fitting tribute to the young City fan and his on-looking family.
Etheridge will have certainly pleased the on-looking Warnock as the ex-Walsall man guarded the City net in assured fashion.
Thousands of on-looking students witnessed and enjoyed the spirit of 'One World'.
It must be every fighters dream to be able to produce such an impressive display in front of their adoring home supporters, and Kooheji realized this dream on Friday night at Khalifa Sports City in front of an audience he knew well, and of course, the on-looking HH Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa and his sibling HH Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa.
What conclusion can on-looking Newcastle fans come to than the players dumped this club in the mire and then, realising the danger, went about getting them out of it.
Azadea Foundation volunteers also participated by distributing flowers to passer-bys, while a variety of entertainment acts, such as mimes, clowns and other circus acts,and different kinds of dancers,entertained the on-looking crowd.
At around 7:30 pm on Friday, a man was seen approaching the car, and was promptly apprehended by on-looking policemen, despite his attempts at resisting arrest.
The standard of play and level of sportsmanship didn't fail to disappoint the on-looking spectators -- which included top Qatar SC stars Mohammad Mubarak and Mido.
I can see things have gone worse instead of better since the day I caught the pair of villains robbing the same Smithdown Road post office in front of another on-looking crowd at the same bus stop back in 1985 (ECHO, March 13, 1985).
The on-looking world has learned a valuable lesson from events in Egypt and that is, 'democracy never is what others made it out to be'.
Even in the presence of on-looking Bahraini national team manager Peter Taylor, they produced an altogether drab 45 minutes in which neither goalkeeper was caused too many problems, apart from those of their own doing.
Under the watchful eye of sports coach Richard Jardim and teacher Lindsey McDonagh, the Pearl Hyde kids showed their golfing prowess with a splendid team performance which was complemented by on-looking golf coaches.