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Noun1.Oncorhynchus - Pacific salmon including sockeye salmon; chinook salmon; chum salmon; coho salmon
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Salmonidae, Salmonidae - salmon and trout
blueback salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka, red salmon, sockeye, sockeye salmon - small salmon with red flesh; found in rivers and tributaries of the northern Pacific and valued as food; adults die after spawning
Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, quinnat salmon, chinook salmon, king salmon, chinook - large Pacific salmon valued as food; adults die after spawning
chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta, chum - a large Pacific salmon with small spots on its back; an important food fish
blue jack, Oncorhynchus kisutch, silver salmon, coho, coho salmon, cohoe - small salmon of northern Pacific coasts and the Great Lakes
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Four juvenile salmon species reside in Dabob Bay temporarily during outmigration to the Pacific Ocean (Bollens and Frost, 1989): Oncorhynchus keta (chum), O.
Many of these species belong to the genera Oncorhynchus, Salmo and Salvelinus, all of them of interest for aquaculture field.
Habitat associations of steelhead trout Oncorhynchus mykiss are generally well known for populations in northern territories, but nearly nothing has been documented concerning habitat associations of steelhead in southern landscapes.
More research is required before making such a bold assessment, before adding a Latin coda to Oncorhynchus mykiss, but it's certainly thought provoking to consider Southern California home to its own native breed of redside.
Effects of ration level in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum), on sensory characteristics, lipid content and fatty acid composition.
Effects of starvation and refeeding on physiological condition of juvenile chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta.
Gonadal differentiation in coho salmon, Oncorhynchus kisutch, after a single treatment with androgen or estrogen at different stages during ontogenesis.
to), mortality rate (Z, M, and F), recruitment pattern and yield were investigated for Oncorhynchus mykiss in Karacaoren I Dam Lake.
Zooplankton abundance and feeding habits of fry of pink salmon, Oncorhynchus gorbuscha, and chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta, in Traitors Cove, Alaska, with speculations on the carrying capacity of the area.
Additionally, one endemic taxon exists, the Nelson's trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss nelsoni (Evermann), which is confined to the streams of the western slope of the Sierra San Pedro Martir (Ruiz-Campos 1993; Ruiz-Campos and Pister 1995).
The Brain- Pituitary-Gonadal Axis of Female Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss: Effects of Photoperiod Manipulation 1.