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O·nei·da 1

n. pl. Oneida or O·nei·das
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting central New York south of Oneida Lake, with present-day populations in Wisconsin, New York, and Ontario. The Oneida are one of the original members of the Iroquois confederacy.
2. The Iroquoian language of the Oneida.

[Oneida onę·yóteʔ, erected stone, a village name.]

O·nei·da 2

A city of central New York east-northeast of Syracuse. The Oneida Community, a Utopian society established in 1848 by John Humphrey Noyes, was nearby. It prospered through its manufacture of silverware and was reorganized in 1881 as a joint stock company.
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Of all the tribes named in these pages, there exist only a few half-civilized beings of the Oneidas, on the reservations of their people in New York.
They consisted of the tribes or, as their allies were fond of asserting, in order to raise their consequence, of the several nations of the Mohawks, the Oneidas, the Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas; who ranked, in the confederation in the order in which they are named.
WASHINGTON, July 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The leadership of The American Revolution Center joined with Nation Representative Ray Halbritter and other leaders of the Oneida Nation in announcing a $10 million gift from the Oneidas to the Center.
Oneida Lives: Long Lost Voices of the Wisconsin Oneidas by Herbert S.
Regis reserve, educated in New England, and undertook an Anglican mission to the Oneidas in 1816.
Sources indicate that the state's hope is that by giving the Oneidas approval for a casino in the Catskills, the state can obtain concessions from the Oneidas on other issues, including land claims near Syracuse and taxes on reservation liquor and cigarette sales.
The media event will include: Dale Rood, Turtle Clan Representative on the Oneida Nation Men's Council and Studio Manager for Four Directions Productions; and Shaun Foster, Manager of Animation for Four Directions Productions.