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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Devil with Devil damn'd Firm concord holds, men onely disagree Of Creatures rational, though under hope Of heavenly Grace: and God proclaiming peace, Yet live in hatred, enmitie, and strife Among themselves, and levie cruel warres, Wasting the Earth, each other to destroy: As if (which might induce us to accord) Man had not hellish foes anow besides, That day and night for his destruction waite.
(34) And the mention in Hiren of 'a Diamond in the dark-dead night' (A4v) matches Rosaline's notion of a wit that 'shines onely in the darke deade night of fooles admiration'.
illness, "we are not onely executed (that implies guiltinesse) but
They [the natives] seeme to live in that golden worlde of the which olde writers speake so much, wherein menne lived simply and innocently without enforcement of lawes, without quarreeling, jodges, and libelles, content onely to satidfie nature, without further vexation for knowledge of things to come.
More interesting examples involve dialogic play with sententiae, as where Anne provides a maxim from Horace's epistles without supplying its concluding turn or recollects a proverb as she has "sene it by fyrst syllable onely sett down thus.
Veritye and falsitye beyng proprietyes of an enunciative speech, as Aristotle teacheth us, that is, of that speech eyther conceived onely in the mynde or vttered by wordes or wrytinge ...
The main function of these new figures is the expression of affections, because they 'do make the oration not onely pleasant and plausible, but also verie sharpe and vehement, by which the sundrie affectations and passions of the minde are properly and elegantly uttered' (K3r-v).
According to announcement, a total of 1095 candidates appeared in the examination out of these 100 candidates were declared pass in first class, 776 in second class while onely one candidate declared pass in third class.
Cassini, a permanent Spot in the Disque of Jupiter; by the help whereof, they have been able to observe, not onely that Jupiter turns about upon his own Axis, but also the Time of such conversion which he estimate to be, 9 hours and 56 minutes.
Profaneness in my head, Defects and darknesse in my breast, A noise of passions ringing me for dead Unto a place where is no rest: Poore priest thus am I drest (6-10) Having received Christ, "my onely head, / My alone onely heart and breast, / My onely musick" (16-18), the priest's internal transformation equips and empowers him to lead his flock.
though he domineers even at this houre, And to his Clients kingdomes doth divide With an unlimited tyrannicke pow'r: Yet of Dictator he disdaines the name, And seekes a tyrants title with the place, Not for his honour, no, but for our shame, As onely bent to bragge of our disgrace.