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Devil with Devil damn'd Firm concord holds, men onely disagree Of Creatures rational, though under hope Of heavenly Grace: and God proclaiming peace, Yet live in hatred, enmitie, and strife Among themselves, and levie cruel warres, Wasting the Earth, each other to destroy: As if (which might induce us to accord) Man had not hellish foes anow besides, That day and night for his destruction waite.
In the Jardin des Tuilleries later that day, he encountered "divers not onely of my countreymen, but fellow Collegians, and fellow pupils to Dr.
That it was the onely blinde superstition of their errors in Religion, that led them [the plotters] to this desperate deuice; yet doth it not follow, That all professing that Romish religion were guiltie of the same.
No, I must marry some stiff aukward thing or other with an ugly face and a handsome Estate, that's certain: but whoever is ordain'd to make my Fortune, 'tis you onely that can make me happy.
The onely wise nation under the Sun: They had the knowledge of all manner of Arts and letters, many thousand's yeares, before any of these parts could speake" (135-36).
Husband, yf care of thy good will me move | Even as thy selfe mee onely see thou love .
17) Creses' casuistical "seeming not to contend" echoes Roxana's earlier advice to Cloria that she give her "seeming consent" to an unwanted proposal of marriage: "which promise cannot binde at all, not onely in respect of your former obligation to Narcissus, but also in regard you are a prisoner, and therefore not tied to any contract made in such a state.
For s]in is so far from being nothing, as that there is nothing else but sin in us: sin hath not onely a place, but a Palace, a Throne, not onely a beeing, but a dominion, even in our best actions" (Sermons 2:99-100).
There is a statute from 1597-98, concerning Beynershe (Benhurst) in Berkshire noting that "the sayde Hundred doth consiste onely of five small Villages and thre small Quylletts or Hamletts" (The Statutes of the Realm, 1819, vol.
When thy sonne was here in erth," Roper's Englished version reads, "he nothing more fervently desired than that thy most holy name shulde appere and shyne not onely in Judea but also thorowe all the worlde.
all my evasions vain And reasonings, though through Mazes, lead me still But to my own conviction: first and last On mee, mee onely, as the sourse and spring Of all corruption, all the blame lights due.