v. t.1.To load; to burden.
[imp. & p. p. Onerated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Onerating.]
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3 (v)]); in his Discorsi (Solerti, 1891, 3), Romei ends with "con ogni riverenza umilmente baciando le onerate mani, vengo a supplicar dal Cielo felicissima vita".
sent (OED scent) + -lesse, eg scentless 1605q SENESCERE Chambers senescent (Latin) EDENTATES OED edentate noun NERTERIUS Cambarus nerterius eruca, ITISa ENTERPONE OED STERCOLIN Web2 CARPOLITE OED ETIOLIPES Camponotus etiolipes floridus, ITISa REUNITERS OED erunite ESSENESSE Palindromicon II TAPADEROS OED tapadero noun AGREEMONY OED PROGNOSED OED prognose vb AEGROTARE Chambers aegrotat (Latin) DENOMINAL OED EMOTIVITY OED emotive 2c ROSANILIN Stedman ONERATING OED onerate vb, also in Web1 under onerate SYDELYNGE OED sideling
Snier also onerates a cheetah outreach programme, and visitors can get close to the hand-reared animals.