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 (ôn′sä′gər), Lars 1903-1976.
Norwegian-born American chemist. He won a 1968 Nobel Prize for his study of the thermodynamics of irreversible processes.
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(ˈɒn sɑ gər, ˈɔn-)

Lars, 1903–76, U.S. chemist, born in Norway: Nobel prize 1968.
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Noun1.Onsager - United States chemist (born in Norway) noted for his work in thermodynamics (1903-1976)
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Beloit, IL 61080 (779) 475-3098 Fax: (779) 475-2016 Website: www.infratrol.com Email: sales@intratrol.com Hank Hemphill, vice president sales; Steve Onsager, president Instron Corporation 825 University Ave.
Analogous procedure is used in a case of the Onsager phenomenological equations, where the fluxes are coupled by interdiffusion coefficients [D.sub.i]([c.sub.1], ..., [c.sub.s-1]) for i = 1, ..., s.
Park's group found the first experimental proof of the Onsager solution for the Ising model.
Recently, Cengiz and Albayrak studied the sound attenuation phenomena for a finite crystal field BEG model on the Bethe lattice in terms of the recursion relations by using the Onsager theory [40].
Accordingly, the larger dielectric constant values more than 20, the Onsager length becomes of the order of the nanostructure size, and no further quenching is observed.
In the Wyodak Anderson coalbed (Onsager and Cox, 2000; Cox and Onsager, 2002) of Fort Union Formation in the Powder River Basin, U.S., the 15# coalbed in Shouyang-Yangquan of the Qinshui Basin, China, and other coal measure strata (Meng 2010), water bodies exist in the upper or lower coalbed, in addition to the coalbed cleat system.
2006), with both cyclical regional grasshopper outbreaks and localized outbreaks of 30 to 90 per [m.sup.2] in western North America (Nerney and Hamilton 1969, Hewitt and Onsager 1983, Belovsky 2000, On-sager 2000).
These include the Langevin recombination [120], Onsager's geminate generation-recombination model [122, 123], and its successful refinement by Braun [124].
(1996) Extension of onsager's reciprocity to large fields and the chaotic hypothesis.
Analyses by Audretsh and Feldman (1996, 2003), Porter (2000), Fabrizio and Thomas (2011), Isaksen and Onsager (2010), Laursen, Masciarelli and Prenicpe (2012) and Lorentzen and Jakobsen (2015) show how sectorial and spatial differences are an influence on the rate of innovation collaboration.
Based on suspensions theory [55], the transitions from dilute to semidilute for rod-like particles with a diameter of d and a length of L occurs at a volume fraction of [[phi].sub.0] [approximately equal to] 30([pi][d.sup.2]/4[L.sup.2]), from semidilute to concentrated at [[phi].sub.1] [approximately equal to] [pi]d/4L, and from concentrated to nematic based on Onsager's theory [55] at [[phi].sub.2] [approximately equal to] 3.3d/L.
In the United States, Canada, and Europe, wireworms (Coleoptera: Elateridae) are important pests of vegetables, small grains, and potatoes (Onsager, 1975; Toba, 1981; Toba and Campbell, 1992; Horton and Landolt, 2001, 2002; Crozier et al., 2003), and in Alaska, their damage to potato was noted as early as 1949 (Chamberlin, 1949) as well as more recently (Dearborn, 1983).