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The smallest and easternmost of the Great Lakes, between southeast Ontario, Canada, and northwest New York. It is connected to Lake Erie by the Niagara River and to the Atlantic Ocean by the St. Lawrence River.
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Such was the case years back when friends of mine booked a foray into the bush, a week-long respite along the banks of some forgotten Ontario lake where the walleyes were both abundant and exceedingly naive, but not terribly large.
A steady decline in passengers since 2001 had Allan Luby and his ownership group prepared-last fall to sail off for new waters with their 195-passenger vessel which has been a fixture on the scenic northwestern Ontario lake since 1984.
Two Anglican church leaders ended a cross-country tour about native issues on March 12 by visiting one of the most unusual chapels in Canada--a wooden structure on the shore of a northern Ontario lake hand-built by an Oji-Cree elder, flying the Anglican Church of Canada flag.
Few commercial fish species have been studied as thoroughly, from a toxicological perspective, as Lake Ontario lake trout.
Kidd's team introduced ethynylestriadol (EE2) into a remote Ontario lake, maintaining a concentration (about 5 nanograms per liter) well within the range of EE2 concentrations observed in polluted surface waters.
Borrow a kayak to explore Otter Lake when you book a cottage in Canada's Ontario lake district.
This date precedes the collapse of the Lake Ontario lake trout stocks; thus, on these grounds, dioxins cannot be rejected as potential contributory causes.

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