Tohono O'odham

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To·ho·no O'o·dham

(tō-hō′nō ô′ə-däm, ô′däm)
n. pl. Tohono O'odham or Tohono O'o·dhams
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Local residents, along with Tohono Oodham Nation Rangers, and nearby Border Patrol agents, worked together to quell the fire.
us, the official websites of the Tohono Oodham and Saint Regis Mohawk Nations, the US Department of Justice, the Native American Rights Fund, the National Congress of American Indians, High Country News, the New York Times, the Arizona Daily Star, the Watertown Daily Times, IndianCountry.
The lead investigative agency is the Tohono Oodham Nation Police Department jointly supported by the FBI, and CBPs Office of Professional Responsibility.
EPA funds have also supported sewage stabilization on the Tohono Oodham Nation to protect the health of residents using a lagoon treatment facility.
Early Sunday morning, Casa Grande agents rescued a Guatemalan national after he activated a rescue beacon on the Tohono Oodham Nation.
Early Monday, agents from the Casa Grande Station responded to a rescue beacon activation and found two distressed Guatemalan nationals near the Itak Ruins on the Tohono Oodham Nation.
Treated drinking water from this project will serve 73 tribal homes on the Tohono Oodham Nation Reservation.
The students, food service staff and university leaders, along with the Tohono Oodham Nations San Xavier Co-operative Farm and the City of Tucson worked together to increase food recovery by 1,232% from 2013 to 2014.
The name NEID is derived from a word meaning to discover/visualize in the native language of the Tohono Oodham, on whose land Kitt Peak National Observatory is located.
The community is home for members of both the Akimel Oodham (Pima) and the Pee-Posh (Maricopa) tribes.