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n.1.(Bot.) An oögonium; also, a case containing oval or rounded spores of some other kind than oöspores.
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The oosporangium of the Characeae (Chlorophyta, Charales).
Close up of the union area between oosporangium and the nodal region.
AL: starch; ANT: antheridia; B: bract; CC: coronula cells; CE: spiral cells; CES: sterile oosporangium cell; CI: cytoplasm; CL: chloroplasts; CN: nodal cell; CNV: circumvolutions; CP: pedicelar cell; CT: central oospora cell; GA: starch granule; INT: internodes; LL: free lamellae thylakoids; NOD: nodes; NUC: nucleus; OSF: oospora; OOS: oosporangium; POC: compound oosporangial wall; TI: thylakoids; V: vacuoles.