Open hearth

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(Metal.) the shallow hearth of a reverberatory furnace.

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References in classic literature ?
There was a bright wood fire blazing in the large open hearth.
The true object lies here," said De Montfort, pointing to the open hearth upon which lay the charred remains of many papers and documents.
The room that Jurgis saw was half lined with books, and upon the walls were many pictures, dimly visible in the soft, yellow light; it was a cold, rainy night, so a log fire was crackling in the open hearth.
A true sense of comfort is also provided via the open hearth and wood burning stove fireplaces.
4 mm thick conforming to IS 4270:2001 and latest amendments electric resistance welded steel tube material and conforming to IS 1387/1993 & manufactured by basic open hearth electric or basic oxgen process in random length of 4 to 7 mtrs
There is symmetry to the event as the onward recycling of the steel could be to British Steel across the river as they are renewing their open hearth facilities - and this very steel could be the feed stock for those furnaces.
Sheikh Salahuddin congratulated the family of Prime Minister on successful operation of open hearth surgery on Mian Nawaz Sharif.
At each site, visitors will have the opportunity to help costumed presenters with a variety of day-to-day activities, such as baking food on an open hearth, cutting wood with a two-person saw, and weeding a garden.
from Open Hearth Five Now loom in memento, the Monongahela Beyond them
Clean Air Act 1993 applies, so usually only smokeless coal can be burnt indoors on an open hearth.
Highlights will include Open Hearth Sessions, Halloween celebrations at the Museum of Edinburgh and, for children, Down On The Farm in Gorgie at Gorgie City Farm.