Open hearth

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(Metal.) the shallow hearth of a reverberatory furnace.

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References in classic literature ?
There was a bright wood fire blazing in the large open hearth.
The true object lies here," said De Montfort, pointing to the open hearth upon which lay the charred remains of many papers and documents.
The room that Jurgis saw was half lined with books, and upon the walls were many pictures, dimly visible in the soft, yellow light; it was a cold, rainy night, so a log fire was crackling in the open hearth.
Tenders are invited for Suppiy of Ring carbon steel forging class 2 20c8 is 2004 1991 steel produced by open hearth electric or such other process fully killed steel size dia 3282 minus 2 to 3522 plus 2 weight 635 kg.
Clean Air Act 1993 applies, so usually only smokeless coal can be burnt indoors on an open hearth.
Highlights will include Open Hearth Sessions, Halloween celebrations at the Museum of Edinburgh and, for children, Down On The Farm in Gorgie at Gorgie City Farm.
The property, which has strong associations with Woodrow Wilson - 28th President of the United States- is the perfect venue for hosting the heritage focused event , having retained much of its original characteristic features including thatched roof, open hearth fire , thick white washed walls and adjoining outbuildings.
As a result of the introduction of the basic oxygen steel making plant at Lackenby in 1972 to cut pollution, how many chimneys were eliminated at the open hearth plant?
As we eased back our chairs and basked in the glow of the open hearth, we felt delighted to have opted to pay a visit to the Plymouth Arms.
A feature of the living/dining room is a stone chimney breast with open hearth, timber mantle and wood store.