Open pipe

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(Mus.) a pipe open at the top. It has a pitch about an octave higher than a closed pipe of the same length.

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Manalad assumed her post on Monday as Sayadi urged the new city police chief to strictly implement the ordinances of the city, including the curfew for minors, no smoking and no liquor drinking in public places, and the ban on the use of open pipe mufflers for motorcycles.
In addition, the system control boxes are fully LOTO capable, which eliminates the possibility of unsetting the tool or opening the bypass while open pipe activities ensue.
When airflow (dried atmospheric gas) of volumetric rates of [Q.sub.F] = 10-80 litres/minute and temperatures [T.sub.F1] = (29[+ or -] 1) [degrees]C and [T.sub.F2] = (60 [+ or -]1) [degrees]C were applied, an air nozzle was attached to the spinning nozzle - either an open pipe nozzle (inner diameter of 3 mm) or a Laval nozzle (inner diameter of 3 mm, MJ5, Silvent), see Fig.
The air curtain component also ensures a noise reduction of up to 50dBA is achieved, which is lower compared with "open pipe" systems that consume vast volumes of compressed air.
KORONADAL CITY -- A local village councilman shot and killed a motorist on Friday over a motorbike with an open pipe muffler that produced irritating noise.
To leave gas pouring out of an open pipe is more serious than any form of ransacking.
By fitting a specially designed nozzle to the open pipe normally used, it is possible to draw in ambient air so effectively that for every 1 cfm of air used there will be an increase in output of 25 cfm of compressed air.
(A) In the traditional "weapon" schema of an impulse engine, a basic element is the rectilinear tube with one closed and one open pipe ends.
To that end, the theatre planning team planned additional space for equipment and storage, open pipe grids for lighting and rigging, lots of non-dedicated additional power, and a network of cable paths--racks, trays, and openings in walls and floors--that allows new equipment and technology to be introduced with as little effort as possible.

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