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Of or relating to information that is freely available to the public at no cost, especially on the internet: an open-access journal.
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The Commission will look at the growing trend of open-access publishing in the scientific field, which the world's largest science publisher Reed Elsevier had warned could damage the quality of scientific research.
If you want to achieve choice in your communities, you should allow us to proceed as we are, and allow the cable industry to, to, to, to roll out the open-access model.
Primarily, he added, the plan was a "delaying tactic" designed to help win FCC approval of the AT&T with MediaOne merger and to keep other local governments from hopping on the open-access bandwagon.
We chose Zoomy Communications to supply the technology infrastructure because they are the leaders in this new area and their open-access model gives our homeowners access to world class voice, data and video services.
Commercial Publishing, Scholarly Communication, and Open-Access.
com)-- Thieme Publishing Group is expanding its open-access range with the launch of the new platform "Thieme Open.
As a lead in the open access campaign, on September 1, 2009, the Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard (DASH) was launched as a University-wide, open-access repository.
PacketFront's automated Open Access broadband solution will help us achieve our goal of facilitating the creation of a sustainable, open-access, advanced telecommunications network," stated Dan McCarthy, CEO for CMON.
In open-access journals, authors either retain copyright or are asked to transfer the copyright to the publisher.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Public Library of Science (PLoS) today announces the launch of PLoS Pathogens, an international open-access, peer-reviewed journal.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Public Library of Science (PLoS) embarks today on a new phase of its ambitious plan to transform scientific publishing, announcing the 2005 launch of three new open-access journals--PLoS Genetics, PLoS Computational Biology, and PLoS Pathogens.
The report dismisses arguments made by publishers against open-access publishing, and urges the government to take concrete actions in support of open access.