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Of or relating to information that is freely available to the public at no cost, especially on the internet: an open-access journal.
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This website provides authors with a comprehensive overview of the numerous open-access publishing options provided by Thieme.
That subscription fees remain high despite the advent of the Internet, which effectively reduces the journal's distribution cost close to zero, has led to dissatisfaction with the traditional business model and to the proposal of an alternative: the open-access model.
7) Of greater concern, however, is the use of publication and submission fees as a replacement for subscription fees among open-access journals.
In the United States, open-access advocates assert that papers based on such research should be made freely available to those who pay the bills--American taxpayers.
Scholarly impact LIS open access journals with help of Google Scholar was investigated by Mukherjee (2009) using 17 fully open-access journals published during 2000 to 2004 in the subject of library and information science and on the junctures of quantity of articles published, subject distribution of the articles.
Keywords: Canadian feminism, open-access journals, feminist scholarship, feminist publishing
Jessica Litman, The Economics of Open-Access Law Publishing
Emerging Infectious Diseases helped pioneer open-access publishing by launching free online and print editions simultaneously in 1995.
Our open-access publication model makes it possible for us to provide accessibility to critical environmental health information.
Proponents of open-access publication believe that all scientific information should be available to the scientific community at no charge.
The Commission will look at the growing trend of open-access publishing in the scientific field, which the world's largest science publisher Reed Elsevier had warned could damage the quality of scientific research.
Several open-access journals from SPARC, PLoS, BioMed Central, the Directory of Open Access Journals, and other sources are now included in ulrichsweb.