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Educational software designed especially for classroom use.


(Education) computer software designed to be used in an educational course


(ˈkɔrsˌwɛər, ˈkoʊrs-)

educational software designed esp. for use with classroom computers.
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Established in collaboration with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand, the portal features select Chinese-language online courses from platforms such as NTU Massive Open Online Courses, NTU OpenCourseWare and NTU Speech.
Wei-I Lee, the first advocator of OpenCourseWare (OCW) movement in Taiwan.
Rhoads places the OpenCourseWare (OCW) movement (which includes the development of MOOCs) into a historical and organizational context.
Makrakis develops the DeCoRe plus methodological approach aimed at pre-service teacher education, and shows that education for sustainability and justice can be highly enhanced by two major complementary trends: Open Education Resources (OER) and OpenCourseWare (OCW).
MIT's OpenCourseWare project, initiated in 2002, instigated some of this conversation about providing access (with proper attribution) to faculty-developed digital learning materials and artifacts.
MIT OpenCourseWare celebrates 15 years of open sharing," MIT News, Apr 4, 2016, http://news.
Also taking part were representatives of two WISE Award winning projects: Cecilia D'Oliveira, associate dean of Digital Learning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who led a team that developed the MIT OpenCourseWare, which shares freely teaching course materials that reach over 150mn people worldwide; and Mike Feerick, founder of the Alison courses, providing an online learning platform that enables worldwide users to gain employability skills.
It is important to note that the development of OpenCourseWare (OCW) by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (MIT, 2002) was the driving inspiration for Khan and has led to the creation of many similar programs (e.
The creation of comprehensive OpenCourseWare (OCW) is tedious, time-consuming and expensive, with the effect, that often courseware employed by teachers, instructors and professors is incomplete, outdated, inaccessible to those with disabilities and dull.
Muchas son las instituciones que en todo el mundo se han unido, manteniendo como tema de intercambio los REA, desde que en el ano 2001 surgiera la iniciativa OpenCourseWare (OCW) del Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) con el objetivo de mostrar publicamente, de manera absolutamente libre y gratuita, todos los materiales docentes que los profesores usan en sus aulas, asi como la propia organizacion didactica de las asignaturas y cursos impartidos en el centro.
Institutions are creating digital learning platforms such as edX and constructing platforms that allow for a "social production system" beyond the institution such as "ibiblio, the MIT OpenCourseWare initiative, COSL" (Benkler 2008, p.
At the same time, teachers are provided with ample opportunities for freely accessing a wide number of Open Educational Resources (OERs) that are available through existing OER initiatives developed by large organizations/institutions such as UNESCO OER Community, Open Education Europa, Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative, MIT's OpenCourseWare, Stanford's iTunes and Rice University's Connexions or by communities/consortia such as MeRLOT and OER Commons (Zervas et al.