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n.1.(Zool.) The typical genus of ophidioid fishes. [Written also Ophidium.] See Illust. under Ophidioid.
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22 tigrinus, Ophichthus triserialis, Ophichthus zophochir, Ophidion galeoides, Scorpaena sonorae, Syacium ovale.
Male mate choice and female-female competition for mates in the pipefish Nerophis ophidion.
3 13,6 Benthosema panamense 8 36,4 Gonichthys tenuiculus 1 4,5 Diaphus pacificus 3 13,6 Lampanyctus parvicauda 2 9,1 Triphoturus oculeum 1 4,5 OPHIDIIDAE Ophidion sp.
Do striped cusk-eels Ophidion marginaturn (Ophidiidae) produce the "chatter" sound attributed to weakfish Cynoscion regalis (Sciaenidae)?
For example, in the pipefish Nerophis ophidion, eggs are attached directly to the male's external ventral surface during copulation (Rosenqvist 1993).
marmorata, Ophidion galeoides, Opisthonema medirastre and Merluccius productus.
The pelvic fins, as a pair of filamentous rays, in Chilara taylori and Ophidion scrippsae (Basketweave Cusk-eel) (the two ophidiids with which it would most likely be confused), are inserted on the isthmus vertically under the eye.
33) 34 (2) Urophycis regia ([dagger]) -- -- Urophycis chuss ([dagger]) -- -- Gobiosoma ginsburgi ([dagger]) -- -- Ophidion marginatum ([dagger]) -- -- Paralichthys dentatus ([dagger]) -- -- Raja erinacea ([double dagger]) -- -- Bothus sp.