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Noun1.narcotic antagonist - an antagonist used to counteract the effects of narcotics (especially to counteract the depression of respiration)
antagonist - a drug that neutralizes or counteracts the effects of another drug
Nalline, nalorphine - a narcotic antagonist (trade name Nalline) that counteracts the effects of narcotics (especially the effects of poisoning by morphine)
naloxone, Narcan - a potent narcotic antagonist (trade name Narcan) especially effective with morphine
naltrexone - an oral antagonist against the action of opiates
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NASDAQ: ALKS) today announced the initiation of a multidose phase 1 clinical study of ALKS 37, an orally active, peripherally-restricted opioid antagonist with potential to block the effects of opioid agonists on gastrointestinal motility, commonly referred to as opioid-induced constipation (OIC).
VIVITROL is an opioid antagonist administered once-monthly by intramuscular injection and is approved in the U.
Buprenorphine, administered sublingually, follows methadone and LAAM (l-alpha-acetylmethadol), schedule II drugs that can be dispensed only in special treatment programs, and the opioid antagonist naltrexone, as the fourth approved to treat narcotic addiction.
John's Wort) is not recommended because they may decrease the efficacy of MOVANTIK, Avoid use of MOVANTIK with another opioid antagonist due to the increased risk of opioid withdrawal
However, the opioid antagonist did appear to have a significant impact on drinking--and to a lesser degree, smoking--among the 36 patients classified as "heavy drinkers," said Andrea King, Ph.
Methylnaltrexone, pro duced by N-methylation of the opioid antagonist naltrexone, has a limited ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and thus acts primarily in the periphery.
NASDAQ: ALKS) today announced positive preliminary results from a phase 2, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study of ALKS 37, an orally active, peripherally restricted opioid antagonist for the treatment of opioid-induced bowel dysfunction (OBD), which includes constipation and associated gastrointestinal (GI) abnormalities resulting from chronic use of opioid pain medications.
Other significant developments include the use of an opioid antagonist nasal spray to address binge-eating obesity.
The opioid antagonist naltrexone significantly reduced stealing urges and behaviors associated with kleptomania, compared with placebo in a small, randomized, double-blind study.
The company through its labs in Helsinki is currently in phase II trials in the use of an opioid antagonist nasal spray to address binge-eating obesity.
Re: Passage of SB 335--Creating Access to Opioid Antagonist Act
The first component of the program consists of an outpatient implant procedure performed by a licensed physician that delivers therapeutic levels of the drug Naltrexone, an opioid antagonist that significantly reduces physical cravings for alcohol and opioids, into the body.