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Noun1.Opisthocomidae - comprising the hoatzins
bird family - a family of warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings
Galliformes, order Galliformes - pheasants; turkeys; grouse; partridges; quails; chickens; brush turkeys; curassows; hoatzins
genus Opisthocomus, Opisthocomus - type genus of the Opisthocomidae: hoatzins
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Estudo osteologico e miologico do cranio de Opisthocomus hoazin (Muller, 1776) (Aves: Opisthocomidae) comparado com algumas especies de Cracidae, Musophagidae e Cuculidae.
Two relatively widespread, although not species rich, families are represented at the South American sites, but not in Panama: Opisthocomidae (Hoatzins, Opisthocomus hoazin) and Psophiidae (screamers).