Opium joint

a low resort of opium smokers.

See also: Opium

References in classic literature ?
These desperate ones were the dregs of the city's cesspools, wretches who hid at night in the rain-soaked cellars of old ramshackle tenements, in "stale-beer dives" and opium joints, with abandoned women in the last stages of the harlot's progress--women who had been kept by Chinamen and turned away at last to die.
All that remains of the film is a single still, yet its viewpoint compelled Billy Bitzer to revisit the topic in Rube in an Opium Joint in 1905.
In 2012, an Arab expatriate was arrested for attempting to smuggle into Kuwait a cocktail of drugs that included one kilo of hashish, two opium joints and 1,000 Tramadol tablets hidden inside frozen ducks and pigeons he brought from his home country.