House Leader

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House′ Lead′er

(in Canada) the chief party strategist in the House of Commons.
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On April 3, for the first time, the Opposition House Leader tabled the list of Government Bills Designated by the Official Opposition for consideration in the Fall Sitting Period.
Opposition House Leader Stephane Bedard added that they wanted to include a "dominant principle" that would take account of the size of ridings ("effective representation of the regions and of the dynamic occupation of the territory"), replacing the dominant principle unequivocally recognized in almost all Western democracies, that of each vote counting equally.
Leader of the Government in the 2008- House of Commons Goodale, Ralph Edward Official Opposition House Leader 2006- HiII, Jay D.
On November 21, 2016, Nathan Cooper (Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills), Official Opposition House Leader, requested that an emergency debate take place regarding the death of children in the care of the province.
Following comments made to the point of order by the Official Opposition House Leader and the Third Party Whip, the Speaker chose to reserve his ruling until a later date.
An opposition House leader proposed the use of "citizen diplomacy" coupled with global support to stop China's supposed full-blast massive reclamation in the disputed West Philippine Sea.
On October 14, 2016, Jean-Francois Lisee, Leader of the Official Opposition, made the following appointments: Pascal Berube, Member for Matane-Matapedia, as Official Opposition House Leader, Carole Poirier, Member for Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, as Chief Official Opposition Whip, Sylvain Rochon, Member for Richelieu, as Deputy Opposition House Leader, and since October 16, 2016, Maka Kotto, Member for Bourget, as Chair of the Official Opposition Caucus.
On June 14, 2016, Bernard Drainville, Official Opposition House Leader (Parti Quebecois), resigned as Member for Marie-Victorin.
Opposition House Leader Matthew MacKay requested that the vote be retaken based on his assertion that the announced results were incorrect.
On September 6, 2015, Bernard Drainville, Member for Marie-Victorin, was appointed Official Opposition House Leader.
Also on June 29, the Opposition House Leader tabled a sessional agreement outlining the following understandings reached by the House Leaders and the independent Member:
Bedard is now the Official Opposition House Leader.