House Leader

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House′ Lead′er

(in Canada) the chief party strategist in the House of Commons.
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Also on June 29, the Opposition House Leader tabled a sessional agreement outlining the following understandings reached by the House Leaders and the independent Member:
Opposition House Leader Stephane Bedard added that they wanted to include a "dominant principle" that would take account of the size of ridings ("effective representation of the regions and of the dynamic occupation of the territory"), replacing the dominant principle unequivocally recognized in almost all Western democracies, that of each vote counting equally.
Leader of the Government in the 2008- House of Commons Goodale, Ralph Edward Official Opposition House Leader 2006- HiII, Jay D.
Bedard is now the Official Opposition House Leader.
Among the decisions rendered by the Chair, the ruling of March 19, 2015 on a point of privilege or contempt raised by the Official Opposition House Leader should be noted.
This group included Danielle Smith (Highwood), Leader of the Official Opposition, and Rob Anderson (Airdrie), Official Opposition House Leader.
During the same sitting, the President gave another ruling on a complaint of breach of privilege or contempt raised by the Official Opposition House Leader, who put forward that the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy had allegedly been in contempt of Parliament by releasing the content of Bill 3, An Act to foster the financial health and sustainability of municipal defined benefit pension plans, before it was introduced in the Assembly.
The Official Opposition House Leader then asked for a directive on the possibility for the confidence of the Assembly in the Government to be raised at this stage of the legislative process when the content of the bill has not yet been made public.
On December 4, Opposition House Leader Bill Fraser rose on a point of order and submitted that the time allocation motion moved by Glen Tait, Member for Saint John East, was out of order as it was an abuse of the Standing Rules and infringed upon the rights of the minority.
He was Opposition House Leader at the time he switched political parties.
On April 9, Pierre Moreau, Member for Chateauguay, replaced Robert Dutil, Member for Beauce-Sud, as Official Opposition House Leader, and Lise Theriault, Member for d'AnjouLouis-Riel, replaced Yolande James, Member for Nelligan, as Deputy Opposition House Leader.
Opposition House Leader Bill Fraser introduced two bills that also aim to reduce patronage appointments within government.