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Noun1.optic tract - the cranial nerve that serves the retinaoptic tract - the cranial nerve that serves the retina
visual system - the sensory system for vision
cranial nerve - any of the 12 paired nerves that originate in the brain stem
betweenbrain, diencephalon, interbrain, thalmencephalon - the posterior division of the forebrain; connects the cerebral hemispheres with the mesencephalon
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Posterior visual pathways include optic tracts, lateral geniculate body, optic radiation and occipital cortex.
the contract is for completion by comprehensive two-track overhead power line of 400 kv with fiber optic tracts with a new route between stations baczyna and krajnik with temporary work on one track line voltage of 220 kv.
10) The pretectal nucleus of the optic tract, allied to the accessory optic system, provides the neural substrate for the asymmetry in laterally eyed animals (Figure 2a), in which stimulation of the nucleus of the optic tracts elicits OKN with slow phases to the side of the nucleus.
Tumours may be unilateral or bilateral, affecting the optic nerves, optic tracts and/or chiasm.