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(General Physics) physics a device used to detect or measure light or other electromagnetic energy
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(ˈfoʊ toʊ dɪˌtɛk tər)

any device that converts light into an electric signal photoelectrically.
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Equipped with an highly sensitive optical detector OPAL recognizes the yarn color and is automatically sequencing the colour according to the repeat.
After interference the resultant field into the detector is [E.sub.T]= [E.sub.R] + [E.sub.S] and optical detector are really sensitive to Irradiance, I, which, by the square law, can be written as I =<[E.sub.T][E.sup.*.sub.T] >.
Assuming the relation between the signal of the optical detector in the form of normalized voltage [V.sub.N] and the attenuation factor expressed by T = 1 [V.sub.N] (7-12), then one can obtain Eq.
Cal Sensors announced an optical detector technology capable of detecting muzzle flash from over 100 meters away, while minimizing false alarms.
A portion of the 'labelled" light scattered back to the surface is detected by a surface mounted optical detector. From these optical signals, at multiple wavelengths, information on the blood's oxygenation in that region can be derived.
The DFPA imager consists of a silicon ROIC mated to an optical detector array.
Unlike any other conventional detector in the world, our Multipoint Detector is both a heat detector and optical detector with 7 smoke detection modes that can be set by DIL switch on every detector, he added.
The detector employs a water condensation particle counter that condenses water vapor into particles, growing them to a size from which individual particles can be read using an optical detector. According to Quant Technologies, the QT-500 provides better sensitivity than detectors based on charged aerosol, which are somewhat limited by inefficient charging of small particles and electrometer noise.
He has worked with apples, peaches, and cherries using a prototype optical detector he and colleagues devised that uses laser beams to detect fruit sweetness and firmness.
Standard features include Allen-Bradley PLC and Panel-mate touchscreen, modem for remote diagnostics, programmable platen positioning, programmable oven zones, oven-sag optical detector, and variable-frequency electric drive for high precision and repeatability.
Scientists with the ARS Sugarbeet and Bean Research Unit, East Lansing, MI, sample apples with a prototype optical detector. The detector fuses four laser beams, each at a different waveband of light, into one.

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