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(General Physics) physics a device used to detect or measure light or other electromagnetic energy


(ˈfoʊ toʊ dɪˌtɛk tər)

any device that converts light into an electric signal photoelectrically.
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Equipped with an highly sensitive optical detector OPAL recognizes the yarn color and is automatically sequencing the colour according to the repeat.
S] and optical detector are really sensitive to Irradiance, I, which, by the square law, can be written as I =<[E.
Assuming the relation between the signal of the optical detector in the form of normalized voltage [V.
Cal Sensors announced an optical detector technology capable of detecting muzzle flash from over 100 meters away, while minimizing false alarms.
A portion of the 'labelled" light scattered back to the surface is detected by a surface mounted optical detector.
The DFPA imager consists of a silicon ROIC mated to an optical detector array.
Unlike any other conventional detector in the world, our Multipoint Detector is both a heat detector and optical detector with 7 smoke detection modes that can be set by DIL switch on every detector, he added.
The detector employs a water condensation particle counter that condenses water vapor into particles, growing them to a size from which individual particles can be read using an optical detector.
He has worked with apples, peaches, and cherries using a prototype optical detector he and colleagues devised that uses laser beams to detect fruit sweetness and firmness.
An RFID reader with a laser-based optical detector would analyse and record this tag-documented data.
Standard features include Allen-Bradley PLC and Panel-mate touchscreen, modem for remote diagnostics, programmable platen positioning, programmable oven zones, oven-sag optical detector, and variable-frequency electric drive for high precision and repeatability.
Scientists with the ARS Sugarbeet and Bean Research Unit, East Lansing, MI, sample apples with a prototype optical detector.

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